TestoGen Testosterone Booster Review

TestoGen Testosterone Booster Review

Is there really an TestoGen scam? I don’t want anybody to get duped. It’s one thing to lose your hard earned cash, but it’s another to compromise the integrity of your own body. That’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to present you the facts about TestoGen so that you can know what you are getting into and make an informed decision.
Before I get to it, let me just say if it’s not already clear that this is my own third party review. However, you can click here if you want to visit the official website.
First, let’s recognize the legitimacy of the problem which this product is intended to solve.
Testosterone…this is a hot subject these days. It’s true that men will normally lose about 1% of their testosterone every year starting about the time we hit our mid-thirties. This isn’t so bad, but previous generations of men did better in this regard, because as studies show, overall serum testosterone levels in men have been in decline over the years.
Low testosterone can very well lead to low sex drive, less energy, emotional difficulty, less mental acuity and a generally diminished zest for life.

Boost Testosterone With TestoGen

Want to boost your testosterone? The sad thing is that studies show men are losing their testosterone levels moving on from previous generations. Isn’t that terrible? What on earth is happening to us in this modern age? Clearly there some problems that need to be fixed, but this quick article is not here to focus on this stuff. For now I’ll just focus on some key areas which I believe will help most men get their levels back in check if they got well, out of check.

And why is this important anyway? Well, first it’s not just important for men to have but also women. Testosterone is a characteristically male thing but it does a whole lot more than just make you a sexually driving cave man. This is the hormone on which men largely depend to make their physical and mental energy levels stay nice and high. It also affects your physical appearance and of course your sex drive. So don’t go without proper levels if you don’t have to. I don’t think anybody deserves that.

The first thing which should be pretty easy to adopt if you haven’t already is simply sleeping enough at night. This is a no brainer, and I bet you already knew it. That’s because sleep is so obviously important for so many parts of our functioning. You don’t want to compromise in this area, so don’t even think about it. Even a few hours over an extended series of nights can really make a noticeable difference on your hormones.

If you’re serious about raising your testosterone levels, then smoking isn’t even an option. Stopping cold turkey is a rough path, I know, but perhaps something like an E-cig could help you get over this. Yes, Cuban cigars look really manly, but perhaps only on the outside. We’re trying to fix the inside!

Your posture matters. A woman named Amy Cuddy did a fascinating study in which she examined the body language of two groups of people. The first group assumed really weak, closed looking positions for a few minutes. For the same period of time another group took more open, dominant poses. Guess what happened to the testosterone levels of the second group? That’s right, opening your body up will go a long way and it’s an easy to way to get a nice T boost.

Lift, “brah”. Weight training is a good way to build your muscles and your testosterone levels. To get the most out of this, let me just say to be consistent but also target whole groups of muscles. It’s just more efficient that way, and I know you probably want some fast results.

Measure Testosterone Before Using TestoGen

It is probably a good idea to measure your testosterone levels every once in a while. If you get the hang of this and actually do it, then you will stand to avoid a lot of problems related to poor levels, not the least of which is decreased fertility and sex drive. Who wants these things to go before their time, right? So let’s take a look at how you can pull this vital process off without a headache. It’s really not that bad.

You’ve got couple options here: you can do a blood test or a spit test. Your doctor may be the first person to tell you to try one of these tests. The blood method is probably a bit easier. You doctor may want you to do further testing and will probably examine this issue along with your other blood work. The saliva test is also a tried and true method of measuring testosterone levels for over 30 years with good accuracy.

So the first thing you should do for this test is ask your doctor about a kit with a good reputation. Just follow the directions and send the tube back the address which will be specified. Over a couple weeks the work should be done and you will get the results. That’s the exciting part.

And about that blood test – you will need your doctor’s direct help for this. There are 2 main measurements, the free T levels and the total T levels. The former is the measure of the hormone which is freely traveling through your blood.

You probably don’t have to do anything special like not eat anything the day leading up to the test, just go and have your blood drawn. The results should come back a bit faster than the saliva test, at which point you can go over everything with your doctor. Of course you need to take the next appropriate steps if they are prescribed, because what good is it to have all this measured if you don’t know how to increase this ever important hormone or simply don’t want to do it?

Think about the TestoGen supplement to suit your needs if you feel that this is one health area that needs some improvement. Of course your doctor will likely be armed with advice that will help you greatly as well.

How TestoGen Can Help You: Ingredient Analysis

So the problem has been confirmed, but how effective is the solution? This supplement offers a blend of ingredients which are supposed to work in tandem to increase your testosterone and livelihood.
One beneficial ingredient is Saw Palmetto, which is well documented to assist with prostate issues. It also is good for treating BPH in men. Astaxanthin has a wide variety of good effects, but most pertinent to the purpose of TestoGen are its abilities to optimize the functioning of your cells and boost your energy.
Testofen is another key player. It’s got fenugreek extract, which in the medical sphere is well documented to raise and maintain your libido. Your prostate health will be at less risk as well.
Vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc are also effective at keeping your metabolism and amino acid production at desirable levels while aiding the function of enzyme levels.

Is the company credible?

The mind behind this product was originally Dr. Rosenstein, and the company is New Vitality. This is an increasingly popular supplement company with multiple products designed to help both men and women, so it seems to be far from a fly by night scheme.
You will also notice that there are clear options to contact support, and there is a substantial following the company has from Facebook and other social media.
Regarding ordering, I have detected no problems. Below I will show you the link I suggest you use for the best deal and overall experience.

Are there any downsides?

The ingredients themselves are scientifically demonstrated to have the above mentioned positive effects, and undoubtedly there is a need in our modern society for supplements like TestoGen.
Still, I would like to see more formal testing going forward as this product gains more of the limelight. I don’t believe that any supplement is a “cure all”, but we can still make smart decisions based on our own unique situations and needs.
There are surely other good ways to increase testosterone, libido and otherwise diminish the effects of aging, and needless to say TestoGen or anything else should not be your sole strategy if you want the best chance at the best results.
Sadly, many people today want to cut corners with their health, but there is simply no getting around the fact that we need to make beneficial albeit sometimes difficult lifestyle choices.

The Best Way to Buy TestoGen

So to answer my initial question, no I don’t believe that there is an “TestoGen scam”. It stands to reason that you will reap the claimed benefits to a reasonable degree.
I’ve seen other supplements of this type, but I do stand by TestoGen as one of the most sensible supplements you can take for preserving and protecting your biochemical well-being as a man.


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